About Metka

Your personal floral designer

Meet the artist.

A native of Colombia, Metka Terselich grew up surrounded by some of the most beautiful and varied plant life in the world.  So it was no surprise that Nature became her inspiration and flowers became her passion.
Even today, her daily morning walks serve as her Muse as she observes the wonders all around us, large and small—from the varied shades of green in a grove of trees to the colors of a butterfly wing.  Hue, pattern, texture, fragrance, light, proportion and more—it all inspires her creation of floral designs that are truly out of the ordinary.

Metka began her career in 1984 in Los Angeles, leveraging her background in fashion to design signature events and fashion shows for upscale clients, including restaurateurs and nightclub owners on Beverly Hills’ iconic Rodeo Drive. After moving to Dallas in 1991, she opened her own fashion design business and designed clothing, window displays and other merchandising tools for local specialty boutiques, such as Henry Jackalope in Snider Plaza.

When Metka’s sister Dunia Borga—owner of Dallas’ popular La Duni restaurants—began designing cakes for weddings and events, Metka created floral embellishments for Dunia’s cake displays, which led to creating floral arrangements for her sister’s wedding clients, as well as for La Duni restaurants.

Today, Metka Terselich is the floral designer of choice for some of the most notable venues and organizations in North Texas, as well as for individual clients who appreciate the magic that floral artistry can bring to their environments and lives.

“I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with wonderful clients who have placed their trust in my design choices.  One of my biggest challenges—and joys—has been designing events for clients who appreciate my sense of design and have allowed me to interpret their concepts or themes… contribute my skills… and express myself freely with all the fun, unexpected and eclectic treasures that I find in Nature—from wild mushrooms to the colorful and edible Wild Teasel that is native to our beautiful Texas.  When you do what you love, it’s never a job, and my goal is to share the excitement and love that I have for Nature with everyone who sees my floral arrangements.” 
-- Metka Terselich